Facebook, Google+, Twitter – connection

Facebook, Google+, Twitter – connection

Login / Registration through social network

This impediment of having to register or to cancel that registration is significantly reduced. Now new registrations and many logins are increased remarkably. Applies to any current registration process and to new applications.

Development period: 2013-07

Client: Palimpalem S.L. and many others.

Project’s challenge:

  • Facilitates both registration process and login session. Using own social network account
  • Reducing the “barrier” of  having to register or to cancel that registration and then, new registrations and many logins are increased remarkably.
  • Works with either Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
  • Alternatively, it could still be used the traditional method of registration/login.
  • Multi-languaje

Carried out using:

  • CakePHP
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5CSS, Javascript, jQuery

connect-with-spanish connect-with-english connect-with-deutsch


Posted on

17. May 2013