Gambrinus Carmen – my trip to the world of Catering

Gambrinus Carmen – my trip to the world of Catering

Cervecería Restaurante Gambrinus Carmen – An experience in gastronomy

In the spring of 1999 I started working on my own project “Gambrinus Brewery Restaurant Carmen” located in Plaza del Carmen, Madrid, 400 meters away  from Puerta del Sol in the heart of the city. To obtain renting the place, I negotiated the long term renting by prior joining two adjacent properties; an old stationery and the other a leather handbags store, and resulting a large area of ​​350 square meters with mezzanine restaurant, office, dressing rooms and toilets for employees.

It opened on December 1, 1999 with a team of 7 people. The Gambrinus Carmen has been a success from day 1 and it worked very well. We have grown rapidly in turnover and staff until we come to a team of 15 permanent employees, keeping the businnes running every day for 16 hours.

Employees in offices around, visitors to the 14 contiguous halls of our local cinema and the public who came to the theater Muñoz Seca, just opposite, we have ensured a steady stream of customers. Every summer we opened a terrace with 20 tables, which has been well visited, especially in the evenings and weekends.

I sold the restaurant in 2004 when it worked very well. I enjoyed developing the project, turning the idea into reality and accompanying the businees in its growth, all with a fantastic team fpunded throughout the years. It was not only a business, but I’ve given a lot of heart and love to mount this business, I have also left a part of myself in the Gambrinus Carmen.

Martin Schenk, Madrid – 2006


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17. July 2012