mineBoks – create and find notes easily

mineBoks – create and find notes easily

Create and find notes easily

  • Works with all devices
  • Input a new note in you celular and it will appear immediately in your laptop
  • Don’t worry if any of your devices breaks, everything is stored in  mineBoks’ cloud

It’s that simple.

Web: www.mineboks.com

Development period: 2011 – 2012

Project’s challenge:

  • Innovative App for storing notes and personal information
  • Very simple and intuitive to use
  • Extremely clean and clear surface
  • Google style search
  • Forecast results as you type
  • User’s admin
  • Backoffice – administrative tasks of the application
  • Multi-lingual: English, German, Spanish. Expandable to other languages
  • Design to work with all devices
  • Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design -> fits from iPhone, iPad up to big screens

Carried out using:

  • CakePHP
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript, Jquery
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • Mammuts.es Servers
  • i18n y i10n
  • Ubuntu


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17. January 2013