Palimpalem – Create your own Website

Palimpalem – Create your own Website

CMS for online Websites’ creation  – no programming experience required

Already exists more than 1.300.000 WebSites within Palimpalem.


Development period: 2004-2013

Client: Palimpalem S.L.

Project’s challenge:

  • Development of a very easy system to create Websites
  • Engineered from scratch
  • High density traffic, distribution of the enviroment to several servers
  • Paypal’s payment -> Inmmediate and automatic configuration of purchased products
  • Complex and interesting Javascripts, like e.g. to create forms or surveys
  • Google Adsense’s advanced use, e.g. colors of Advertising banners adapting to Website color’s
  • Data base MySQL with > 1.000.000 entries
  • App distribution in many servers
  • Advance backups in various levels: rsnapshot, rsync, ..
  • Complex javascript tools like to build forms, surveys, and others
  • Backoffice system for Website admins – many levels and easy use
  • and … much more …. 🙂

Carried out using:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • frames
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • LAMP
  • Many usefull cronjobs


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16. March 2013