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Transforming Ideas into Innovative Web Applications

With over 20 years of experience, Martin Schenk S.L. specializes in turning ideas into effective and personalized web solutions. Your vision, made a reality.

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Our Services

Customized Web Applications

Bespoke development to turn your ideas into unique and efficient web solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

End-to-end services from design to launch, guaranteeing a seamless digital experience.


Regular updates and technical support to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your web project.

Hosting and Security

Robust hosting with a focus on security, ensuring that your applications and data remain protected and accessible.

Project Portfolio

Our portfolio reflects the diversity and adaptability to meet each client's specific needs:

More than just a chatbot, it's an AI-powered knowledge base enhancing customer experience and internal operations.

ChatKraft - Chat with Your Knowledge

Efficiently connecting professionals with job opportunities through an advanced matching algorithm.

Platform for Interim Managers

SaaS systems for large audit firms, specializing in the valuation of significant brands.

Tools for Brand Valuation in Multinational Companies

Tailored solutions for gyms, work centers, cars, and escape rooms.

Customized Reservation Systems

Full-scale development to maximize efficiency in sales and management.

Online Store for Dehydrated Fruit Factory

A platform that enables journalists to sell their content directly to media outlets.

Marketplace for Independent Journalists

Platform for second-hand car parts, featuring Google SEO, multilingual support, and an easy interface for uploading photos and automatic shipping price calculation.

Second-Hand Car Parts Platform

Platform for online exams and certification for pediatricians, complemented with industry news and articles.

Online Courses for Doctors from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics

Configure and pay for your VPS servers online, and they will be available and ready to use in just 15 minutes, thanks to automatic setup.

VPS server rental platform

Our first major project, a robust and versatile web page builder, with over 1.4 million pages created.

Platform for Creating Web Pages

Advancing with Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovative Tools

At Martin Schenk S.L., we leverage cutting-edge technologies and advanced programming languages to create efficient and personalized web solutions.

Our range of technologies is diverse and forward-thinking, including Laravel for robust back-end development, Livewire for dynamic interfaces, Alpine.js for responsive front-end experiences, Tailwind CSS for elegant styling, and Filament for hassle-free admin panels. Combined with the versatility of PHP, our toolkit enables us to bring your visionary projects to life with precision and style.

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